Traveling To Las Vegas

Millions of people go to Las Vegas every year, and by many means of travel. The most common way of traveling to Nevada is by car, but there are also many other fun ways to travel. One may take a party bus and enjoy a few drinks on the way and enjoy the sights, or you could also take a flight there which, if traveling from California takes around an hour or less.

If you are traveling by car, be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as once you get out of Bakersfield, there are few to no stops between towns. I personally find the drive very enjoyable though on occasion it may seem never ending at times. There are a number of fun stops on the way including a town called baker, home of the worlds tallest thermometer and State Line, a gambling town just on the state line between California and Nevada. I find that State Line is almost as fun as going to the big city!

If traveling by plane, be prepared for a very short flight. Though a fun flight, you may not have time to enjoy it fully. You most likely have time to sit, have a drink, read a couple magazine articles, or take a short nap, and the next thing you know you are staring at the strip in anticipation of landing. I do enjoy the flight, but it is very short. If you just want to participate in a day trip to the city of sin, I would suggest flying there.

Another way of travel is a party bus. I find this the most enjoyable mean of travel to Nevada. You meet some very interesting people on your way and it is usually a very warm atmosphere. The bus usually stops at a couple of tourist locations, and drinks are normally served on the bus which makes for an even more enjoyable ride. Another plus to taking the bus is that you don’t have to drive there, so you can just sit back, enjoy the ride, and watch the sights.

Once you get there, I suggest immediately booking a stay at a hotel or getting a room at your favorite casino because it is always nice to have a place to relax and rest before having a long night. Normally, it is very quiet during the day, as most of the entertainment starts at 7 or 8 so you can go sightseeing during the day, visit a few of the famous places, and maybe even gamble a little. and as soon as the evening rolls around, go enjoy a nice dinner and show at one of the many amazing casinos located on and off the strip. After a show is usually when the casinos start to light up and one gets to see the exciting part of Nevada. I would say that a trip to Vegas is a very good vacation to take and at any point and time there is usually an event or some sort of show going on.

Soirée Bus: The Party Bus

Nowadays, travelling to your night out in style is not all that uncommon. Limousine and bus rentals are affordable to large groups, meaning even unlikely customers (such as teenagers) can be seen whizzing around major cities in this sort of luxury ride. Paris, however, has taken this to the next level by not only renting buses to take people to clubs, but making the bus itself the club!

These types of mobile discos, which you may spot when travelling from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris in the evening, are known as ‘soirée bus’, which roughly translates as the ‘night-out bus’. They are, as the name indicates, converted buses, with strobe lights and disco balls installed, as well as a DJ table. They function just like regular night-clubs, with the added detail that, if standing up, you have to hang on to the guard rail – yes, the bus is moving the entire time, and drunker partiers may find themselves on the floor if they are not careful!

Inside the bus, a partygoer may find all the amenities a nightclub would offer, such as toilets, cloakrooms, central heating, plasma screens, a DJ booth and, of course, a bar. There are even bouncers at the door as the people come in! The space itself is tastefully decorated (in a mixture of venge wood and stainless steel), fits up to 60 people and contains 23 seats, making it well suited to medium-sized private parties. It is not, however, likely to be used as a weekly night haunt, since most of the party crowd will be hard-pressed to come up with the nearly €1000 a booking on the Party Bus demands.

If you are thinking of booking a party on one of these buses, but are somewhat self-conscious, be warned: just as you will be able to see the partygoers dancing if you cross one of these buses on your way from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris, so too will other people be able to see you and your friends during your party! So if you do end up hosting one of these mobile parties, also make sure to be on your toes and make sure nobody does anything out of line or embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Party Buses are only available for private hire, and do not double as shuttles. Can you imagine a more amazing way to undergo your commute from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris?

Hop On Board The Phoenix Party Bus!

When you’re looking for the ultimate good time, look into renting a Phoenix party bus. One of the 5 largest cities in the United States, Phoenix definitely has no shortage of fun things to do. It’s a great city by day and it’s even more fun at night. Next time you’re going out, don’t drive. Rent a Phoenix party bus instead!!

When to consider renting a Phoenix party bus

Party busses are notorious for transporting the rowdiest of the rowdy. You’ve likely heard about party busses that take passengers out for a night of bar hopping. Maybe you’ve even ridden along on this type of action-packed evening. If so, there’s a good chance you and everybody else on the party bus created some pretty crazy memories that evening.

A night of bar hopping is by far the most popular reason for booking a party bus. So when you and the gang are looking for a unique way to spend the evening – and a safe way too – why not line up a Phoenix party bus? Plan your stops at the city’s finest nighttime watering holes and remember that when someone else is doing the driving, you and your friends won’t have to worry about a good night going bad.

But besides the chance to get seriously inebriated, what other kinds of fun can you have when you line up a Phoenix party bus for the evening? That answer depends on how wild your imagination is. First, stop and think about what a party bus looks like. Inside and out, a party bus definitely looks a lot different than a charter bus. One look at the outside and anyone instantly knows that the bus is meant for fun.

What’s inside depends on the Phoenix party bus you select. At a minimum you can expect the inside to boast an incredible sound system, dazzling lighting, DVD player, and plenty of room to move around. The goal with most party busses is to make passengers forget that they’re moving at all. In fact, some party busses even resemble actual night clubs. This might be hard to envision, but if you ever drive by a party bus and you see a bunch of people dancing and jumping around wildly inside, you’ll understand.

So back to the topic of when renting a Phoenix party bus makes sense. A party bus is perfect for hosting bachelor and bachelorette parties. A Phoenix party bus is also a fun way to get a big group over Chase Field to watch the Diamondbacks play or over to Cardinal Stadium or the Glendale Arena or the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. If you’re planning your teen’s upcoming birthday party and you’re looking for something different to do, you can get all the kids onboard where they can enjoy a more age-appropriate mobile birthday party.

The bottom line is, when it comes to special occasions, a Phoenix party bus can help make the occasion all the more special!

Things to Enjoy On a Orange County Party Bus

Orange County is one of the most beautiful counties of California, USA. It attracts millions of tourists to its classic picnic and party destinations. It houses many beautiful towns, theme parks, beaches, beautiful farms like Knott’s berry farm, and so on. Disneyland is one of such world class attraction of this county. There are many beautiful beaches on the west coast; few of them are Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Dana Point. Awesome mountains, beautiful farms and ongoing corporate activities are other major attractions, which make it most dynamic county of western coast.

Orange County party bus services and limousine services are few fantastic and incredible value-additions to your fun, entertainment and excitement. Orange county party bus service is very suitable for those groups that comprise from 10 to about 50 people. This is not just a travelling in bus but it live-party all the way through your travelling; you enjoy tens of amenities inside the bus providing you the lavishness and fun of your vacation. These party buses house best quality leather seats, big screen TVs, complementary drinks, refreshments, stripper poles, music, hi-fi sound systems, and many more.

You can enjoy town nightlife, beaches, games, Disney World, farms and many other things by travelling through the luxurious party buses all the way. Travelling through these lavish vehicles would make your mood focused on your vacations by making your travelling so enjoyable and leaving no fatigue impact on your body and mood. The serving staff is very well trained, professionally groomed and highly caring towards their guests and customers.

Orange County party bus service is not only suitable for those people who are there for partying and picnic but also for those corporate delegations and other visiting guests to make their experience incredible and memorable. Orange County houses big corporate offices of fortune 500; a huge number of corporate delegations and seminars always keep going, which makes it very dynamic socio-economic area of the State. It makes great impression on experience of a client, guest or delegate to have picked them from airports to their hotels and seminar destinations. You can make your customers feel at home while serving them with party buses, and thus; best results of business can be achieved and an everlasting impression is left on the minds of your guests and clients.

There are many different types of party bus services in the area of Orange County; they make different types of offers to their clients. These offers include different value added services like price packages, different payment plans, and easy pick and drop programs. You can book better services by scrutinizing different aspects of the services, which may include customer reviews about the company you are considering to. You should also have good detailed information about the additional services provided by company and at the same time you should also get information about skills and attitude of the staff who will serve you or your guest.

A well selected Orange County party bus will sure leave long lasting memories of fun and excitement of your vacation or party.

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Party Bus: A Brief Introduction

If you have ever heard anyone talk about party buses and possibly renting one but you are not sure what all of the hype is about then sit back, relax and keep reading and you will learn what it is about. In the next few paragraphs, you will discover what a party bus is and why this option for transportation is becoming so popular.

What is a Party Bus Anyway?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this concept, it is typically a normal bus. This might be a charter bus or even a school bus that has been redesigned. The seats may have all been ripped out and the bus converted into something like a massive limo. Some of these buses absolutely must be seen because a description will do them no justice. They can contain all varieties of amazing amenities and features.

Here is a quick peek at some of the awesome things that you might see on a party bus:

Fridges and even mini bars so that you have someplace where you can keep all of your drinks cold and even mix up your preferred cocktails.
Satellite TV, DVD players and TVs so that you can have visual entertainment no matter where you might be.
Lighting systems that are crazy enough to make you think that you are in a club. Everything from fiber optic lights to disco lights, laser lights and even strobe lights might be found on some party buses.
Custom sound systems that have CD players, iPod or MP3 connectivity with massive wattage and massive volume
Stripper poles and dance floors for those who like to get a bit crazy with the music
Restrooms so that you never even need to make pit stops when you are in the party zone

As it is made obvious by some of the items that are listed above, a party bus can and generally is equipped with a great number of amenities that have been designed specifically to make sure that you get a ride that is both entertaining and comfortable. In fact, the features that you see above are just a small sample of what you can expect to find on many party buses no matter where you are. In some places you can even hire a party bus that comes complete with an arcade, hot tubs or even live bands!

A party bus service is sort of like a limo service which is just an additional reason that this is such an amazing travel option. In many states it is even legal to drink alcohol when you are on board. Additionally, you will never need to worry about having to find a designated driver or calling for a cab to take you home.

When all is said and done, a party bus offers you a unique method of travel for groups of people that is coupled with an experience that is a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

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Locating A Premium Party Bus Service In Los Angeles, California

At A1 Party Bus Los Angeles we guarantee that what our clients get is the most reputable of services, fantastic and timely customer service, terrific attention to information to the minutest of things and affordability in the pricing. At A1 Party Bus Los Angeles the pricing is actually down to earth and cost effective. You need not empty out your pockets in order to be able to get many incredible and spectacular trip of your life. There are several unique turning points in our lives when we want to pull out all the feasible stops and ensure that we have an awesome time. this is precisely what the LA Party bus provides you and much, much more than that.

The limo bus include all kinds of basic amenities to fit your demands. The limousine bus could come to pick up and drop off at any location including your home. By hiring a party bus, you no longer need to travel by car and get stuck in the traffic congestion. You additionally do not need to find parking areas for your car when getting to the place.

Make your reservations conveniently online or by calling one of our pleasant agents, who could offer you with all the fine information you might long for in a Los Angeles party bus rental unit. A1 Party Bus Los Angeles is the very best spot to find a deal for all of your occasions from weddings to birthdays to bachelor parties, to business occasions. Our drivers are constantly professional and courteous, excited to navigate you to your destination in a prompt, safe and comfy way. There is no occasion that our LA party bus limousines aren’t ideal for. No matter your destination, Los Angeles party bus has the right car to get you there securely with all the elegance and style you should have.

You could relax and feel confident that your party bus chauffeur will choose you up and provide you, also, to your front door safely! No matter the occasion, party bus rental services can meet the demands for all your requirements in Los Angeles and bordering areas. Whether it’s a night out or your bachelor party, you are offered with the highest quality services.

So, all you Los Angeles party goers, your Los Angeles party bus driver will make as numerous stops as you like prior to taking you to your occasion and be ready to select you up when the evening is over. Have you ever before had a professional driver at your service throughout your evening? Make it special from the very first 2nd you leave your residence!

Modern party buses are the most amazingly versatile, extravagant and comfy vehicles known to man due to the fact that they are equipped for fun and home entertainment, and built for fars away and hours. Never ever been on a party bus? If you get the opportunity to, do not miss it due to the fact that it is visiting blow your mind.

The point right here is– If you want to choose a business for a Los Angeles party bus then pick the best. We have no idea about our rivals, however we surely rank right at the top, with our top quality Los Angeles party bus services.

Great Extravaganza Of Travelling With Bucks Party Bus Perth

A bachelor party also known as a stag party, and popularly known as a buck’s night or a bucks party in Australia is a party held for a man shortly before he enters into the institution of marriage, to celebrate his “last night of freedom” or merely to spend time with his male or female friends, who are often but may not be at his wedding party afterwards. A bachelor party is usually planned by the friends of the groom, occasionally, with the assistance of a bachelor party planning company. This party basically marks off a line in the subconscious mind between the years of immaturity and responsibilities of a mature man. A thorough research shows that Perth is now becoming a very popular buck’s destination. Not only locals choosing to stay in Perth celebrating their buddies last night of freedom, but also the men from Broome, Kalgoorlie and other mining towns are planning bucks parties in this city that has so much to offer.

The main part of any Bucks night is the activities. These Bucks Party bus Perth can be simple or extravagant, but should always cater to the likes of the groom to be. There are loads of activities that one can arrange for both night and day; it may start off with paint balling or clay bird shooting, head on a party bus or boat, do a pub crawl or watch the strippers at work, one has to decide as there is loads to choose from the platter. Generally, the buck party organizers arrange it during the weekends when everyone can get off from work so that no one has to miss out. But one should avoid planning it on the night before the wedding. A good way to ensure that the Bucks day party goes well is to have some novelties. Ultimately the buck’s party is about sending a young man into the next stage of his life with respect and as much dignity as is possible & it shouldn’t be about humiliation, extreme drunkenness, public nudity.
The gala party time can be made more exciting with Private Short Trips & Extended Perth bus charter Charters Group Transport which makes the night all the more special. There are simply heaps of things to do in Perth and private short trips and extended private bus charters are what the organizers bet. Perth’s party bus services are just awesome with excellent sound & lighting, specialized dance floor area with a proper stripper pole set up in the middle. Party buses are also sometimes known as coaches and they provide fantastic wine tour packages, charge quite moderately, gives delicious lunch & drink and they stop at only the best wineries and breweries. There are also some SUPER NIGHT PACKAGES where guests receive a party starter drink and platters of finger food at the first stop, there’s plenty of food and at least one drink, shaker or shooter at each venue, as well as special attractions with visual entertainment. So the organizer who has to arrange the Bucks Party bus Perth has to take into consideration the following things namely a list of those, the buck wants to invite.

Have a Blast at Your Next Birthday Bash – Awesome Ideas For Birthday Party Themes

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Choosing the party venue is usually the first step to a thrilling birthday party. You will have to consider the number of guests you have invited to ensure that your venue is sufficient. Besides size, the location should be an exciting one to set the right mood for your party. The quest for interesting birthday ideas has been met by a wide selection of birthday themes that hosts can incorporate to make their parties exceptional. The preference of the birthday boy or girl is usually the main determinant of what themes to apply for the party. Personalizing birthday parties has become the best way to fully involve not only the party owner but also their guests. Birthday party themes range from cultural to contemporary. Mexican and Hawaiian themes have formed the center stage on which many people hold thrilling birthday parties. Apart from such cultural themes, other themes revolve around sports, super heroes especially for kids’ parties, movie star characters based themes and the list goes on and on. Ideas for birthday themes are available on the internet which you can borrow from and modify depending on your creativity and preferences. The parties are personalized right from the invitation in which the host informs guests on the date of the party, the venue, the time and chosen theme. The guests are therefore advised on the dress code among other details meant to unify all partygoers and create harmony as per the theme. Some people opt to include such details as wristbands or bracelets in the invitation package which guests are instructed to wear to the party. Birthday decorations are another important detail. The decorations ought to be in tune with the party theme too. There are endless decorating options available. The party decorations applied could be inspired by the season of year on which the birthday falls or the age of the guest of honor. Photos taken at different stages of the guest of honor’s life can be part of the event decorations among the flowers and banners. Smoke or bubble machines can also be included for the birthday boy or girl to make an electrifying entrance. Meals to be taken during your birthday party should be prepared well before hand. They could also go hand in hand with the chosen theme, beverages included. For a successful birthday party ensure that your meals are the most convenient to serve in your party setting whether indoors or outdoors. It is always a good gesture to send your guests away with some gift favors to appreciate their turning up. The gifts can be simply wrapped which you can hand to the guests as the party draws to a close or which they can pick up on their way out. A well organized birthday party will guarantee your guests a great time and a memorable birthday for you. About the Author: Bennetta Elliott is SEO of Personalized Gift Express, offering a unique variety of personalized birthday favors and gifts. Published At: Permanent Link: Important NoticeDISCLAIMER: All information, content, and data in this article are sole opinions and/or findings of the individual user or organization that registered and submitted this article at without any fee. The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional. We at do not, in anyway, contribute or include our own findings, facts and opinions in any articles presented in this site. Publishing this article does not constitute’s support or sponsorship for this article. is an article publishing service. Please read our Terms of Service for more information. 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It can be possible that you want to do the reverse engineering, then also you have to be perfect in the same… Published at:

Grandma’s Awesome 70th Birthday Party With Low Calorie Weight Loss Recipes From the Columbia Restaurant

Boy, did we have trouble with getting Grandma’s big party planned this year! For years we made the party easy. Year after year we simply planned Grandma’s birthday party at The Makahiki Luau Dinner Show at Sea World Orlando. Think exotic hula girls, partially clothed male Hawaiian dancers, festive Hawaiian music, much drum banging and a cool fire show. There’s a feast of pineapples, coconuts, tantalizing fresh fish, savory roast pork and mixed vegetables. But this year was different since Grandma was turning 70. This year we were going to have a family cruise, changed it to a party in Biloxi, again changed that to a get together at Gaylord Palms and finally, to make a long story short, we ended up having the party at The Columbian Restaurant in Celebration, Florida. All the gang was there with Grandma Jeanie’s children, grandchildren and even three great grandchildren! What a great get together we had with food, fun and gifts! The Columbia Restaurant is Florida’s oldest restaurant and the world’s largest Spanish restaurant. To me, The Columbia Restaurant is a jewel with delicious unique food you just can’t find anywhere else. While you’re waiting for your food, the waiter brings each patron a big ole hunk of Cuban bread that is to die for; crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Crumbs get everywhere, but that’s the fun of it! When dining at The Columbia Restaurant, you just gotta have The Spanish Bean Soup, Columbia’s Original “1905” Saladä, Arroz con Pollo “Valencianna” (a fancy name for chicken and yellow rice) and Boliche “Criollo”. Today I have a special treat for all my friends out there, 100 calorie RECIPES from The Columbia Restaurant Cookbook! Enjoy! Spanish Bean Soup ½ lb. Uncooked Garbanzo Beans, Dried – 400 Calories 1 Ham Bone – 50 Calories 1 Beef Bone – 50 Calories 2 Quarts Water- FREE 1 Tablespoon Salt – FREE ¼ lb. Salt Pork, Cut In Thin Strips – 500 Calories 1 Onion, Finely Chopped – FREE 1 Chorizo (Spanish Sausage) Sliced In Thin Rounds – 300 Calories 2 Potatoes, Peels and Cut In Quarters – 300 Calories Pinch Of Saffron – FREE ½ Teaspoon Paprika – FREE Wash garbanzo beans. Soak overnight with 1 tablespoon in enough water to cover beans. Drain the salted water from the beans. Place beans in 4-quart soup kettle; add 2 quarts water and ham and beef bones. Cook for 45 minutes over low heat, skimming foam from the top. Fry salt pork slowly in a skillet. Add chopped onion and saute lightly. Add to beans along with potatoes, paprika, and saffron. Add salt to taste. When potatoes are tender, remove from heat and add chorizo. Serve hot in deep bowls. Serves four. Makes Four 400 Calorie Servings. Columbia’s Original “1905” Salad Salad Ingredients ½ Head Iceberg Lettuce – FREE 2 Ripe Tomatoes, Cut In Eights – FREE ½ Cup Swiss Cheese, Cut In Julienne Strips – 250 Calories ½ Cup Ham, Cut In Julienne Strips – 200 Calories (Or Turkey or Shrimp) ¼ Cup Green Spanish Olives, Pitted – 50 Calories 2 Teaspoons Grated Romano Cheese – 50 Calories Salad Dressing Ingredients 1/8 Cup White Wine Vinegar – FREE ½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 950 Calories 4 Garlic Cloves, Minced – FREE 1 Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce – FREE Salt and Pepper To Taste – FREE 1 Teaspoon Oregano – FREE 2 Teaspoons Lemon Juice – FREE Toss together all salad ingredients in a bowl, except Romano Cheese. Mix garlic, oregano, and Worcestershire sauce in a bowl. Beat until smooth with a wire whisk. Add olive oil, gradually beating to form an emulsion. Stir in vinegar and season with sat and pepper. Add dressing to salad and toss well. Add Romano Cheese and toss one more time. Serves 4. Makes Four 400 Calorie Servings. Arroz con Pollo “Valencianna” (Chicken and Yellow Rice YUM!) 2 lb. Chicken Fryer, Cut In Quarters – 1050 Calories 2 Onions, Chopped – FREE 1 Green Pepper, Chopped – FREE 2 Medium Tomatoes, Peeled, Seeded and Chopped – FREE 2 Garlic Cloves, Minced – FREE ½ Cup Olive Oil – 900 Calories 1 Bay Leaf – FREE 4 Cups Chicken Broth – FREE 2 Cups Long Grain White Rice, Uncooked – 1400 Calories ½ Teaspoon Saffron – FREE ½ Teaspoon Salt – FREE ½ Cup Small Green Peas, Cooked – FREE 4 Asparagus Tips – FREE 2 Roasted Red Peppers, Cut In Strips – FREE ¼ Cup White Wine – 50 Calories In a skillet, saute chicken in heated oil until skin is golden. Remove chicken and place in casserole dish. In same oil in the skillet, saute onion, green pepper, tomatoes and garlic for 5 minutes. Pour over chicken. In same skillet, add chicken broth, white wine, saffron, salt, bay leaf and rice. When mixture begins to boil, pour over casserole, cover and bake in oven at 350 for 20 minutes or until chicken is done. Sprinkle with a splash of wine and garnish with peas, roasted red peppers and asparagus tips. Serves 4. Makes Four 800 Calorie Servings. Published at:

How to Throw an Awesome Party – Top 10 Tips

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the most awesome parties seem to unfold naturally and effortlessly, but the key is careful planning and preparation long before the first guest arrives. Many hosts develop this skill with years of experience, but with our top 10 secrets to awesome parties, you can host an exceptional party next week! First, let’s define what makes a party extraordinary. Some indicators of an awesome party are when your guests: * Feel relaxed and comfortable * Are entertained and have fun * Make new contacts and meet new people * Are engaged with new and interesting ideas * Have a good time and leave wanting more * Are delighted with unexpected surprises * Feel important and significant * Bond with others * Leave with original & unique details, conversations, & occurrences worth talking about the next day We have outlined our top ten secrets to throwing your own awesome parties below. 1. Have at least one outgoing, gregarious personality for every 10 guests. * How to do it: Identify and talk to your key fun guests when making your party plans to ensure some or all of them can attend. Adjust the date of your party, if necessary. * Here’s why: Key guests are not only entertaining, but also create a fun, relaxed atmosphere that will make all guests comfortable and more interactive. * Tip: Mark drama queens and negative nancies off your guest list. 2. Create a mix of guests that don’t all know each other. * How to do it: Invite unfamiliar, attractive faces. Don’t be afraid to invite people you don’t know very well; an invitation to your party will earn you instant points. * Here’s why: New faces will create motivation for other guests to be sociable and to always seek an invitation to your parties. * Tip: To ensure a good turnout, be socially active the period leading up to your party and make as many personal invites as possible. 3. Create a party atmosphere before the first guest arrives. * How to do it: Invite a few close friends that know each other for a pre-party to start 30 minutes before. Let them know in advance to make sure they plan to arrive early. * Here’s why: Not only will you eliminate awkward and uncomfortable moments for your first guests, you will generate momentum from the very start that will keep the party fun and the energy level up. * Tip: One of the reasons guests don’t arrive on time is to avoid the awkwardness of being first. 4. Arrange your party area to encourage interaction between guests. * How to do it: Designate a party area just large enough to accommodate your guests. The closer your guests are to each other, the more they will interact. * Here’s why: The more involved and engaged your guests are by meeting and talking to others, the more fun everyone will have. * Tip: Remove or arrange furniture to make sitting difficult. Sitting prohibits mingling and should be discouraged at all costs. 5. Serve delicious theme-inspired cocktails with minimal time behind the bar. * How to do it: Pre-mix a signature cocktail in batches before the party and circulate with a pitcher for refills. * Here’s why: Adds an interesting surprise, enjoyment for the guest, a topic of conversation, and frees up your time for socializing. * Tip: Give your pre-mixed concoction a cute name after your theme or guest of honor, e.g. rename Sex On The Beach to Sex On Smith Beach. 6. Pass intricately decorated hors d’oeuvres on silver trays with doilies. * How to do it: Choose elegant hors d’oeuvres that require little last-minute preparation and have them prepped before the first guest arrives. * Here’s why: Make a bigger impression that will entertain your guests and add style while reducing your food costs. * Tip: Add a theme-inspired centerpiece to each serving tray for an extra surprise. 7. Play a pre-arranged party music playlist. * How to do it: Choose upbeat songs from a wide variety of genres, styles, and artists to increase the probability of playing a favorite song for each guest. Use only one song from any single group or artist. Increase the average tempo of every few songs over the duration of the party. * Here’s why: You can use your music selections to strike a chord with each guest while setting a happy mood and raising the energy level of the party. * Tip: Mix in fun and theme-inspired songs to amuse your guests, e.g. Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ or the Gilligan’s Island Theme for a Hawaiian Luau. 8. Choose a theme and decorate with strategically placed accents that are stylish and clever. * How to do it: Choose theme-coordinated quality decorations over larger paper and plastic items. Place decorations to be discovered throughout the evening: at the front entrance, on the bar, in cocktails, on hors d’oeuvre trays, in the party area, and in the bathroom. * Here’s why: Tasteful decorations that surprise, delight, amuse and entertain will create enjoyment and memories for your guests. Your parties will be remembered as unique and original with distinctive details that make a lasting impact. * Tip: Dress yourself in the spirit of the theme, and your guests will join in on the fun at your future parties. 9. Make sure every guest feels noticed and important by someone other than their date. * How to do it: Be observant and engage guests and couples that are not interacting with other guests. Take an interest in what they have to say, give them your full attention, introduce them to others, and/or ask them to help you with something. * Here’s why: Not only will this directly affect the enjoyment of each guest, but it will break the ice and provide a comfort level for them to engage other guests, which has everyone participating in making your party exceptional. * Tip: Everyone else notices what you do, be friendly, gracious, and fun. 10. Fill your party with surprises. * How to do it: o We’ve already touched on a few surprises, such as: + Guests: Invite unfamiliar and attractive faces. + Cocktails: Pre-mix a signature drink with a cute name. + Music: Incorporate fun & theme-inspired songs into your playlist. + Decorations: Include in cocktails, on hors d’oeuvres trays & in the bathroom. o In addition, plan more fun events throughout the evening, such as: + Add lighted ice cubes to drinks. + Throw 200 glow sticks or rubber duckies into the swimming pool. + Place “Happy Birthday” picks randomly in hors d’oeuvres. + Break open a pinata filled with mini-liquor bottles. + Show a guest-of-honor related video clip. + Pass a tray of party beads. * Here’s why: Besides keeping your guests entertained and making your occasion memorable, you will gain the reputation of throwing awesome parties when you introduce the new, interesting and unexpected at your events. Dinner party secret: Encourage conversation that includes everyone seated around. * How to do it: Always seat partners, spouses, and dates across the table from each other. When they talk to each other, it will automatically include those seated around them. * Here’s why: Because dinner parties are really more about the conversation than the food, the more inclusive the discussion, the more fun your guests will have. * Tip: If you seat them next to each other, when they converse, it will inevitably exclude everyone else. These secrets plus a little practice will put you are on your way to throwing awesome parties, so start planning your next party, today! Published at: